Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Kiwi courtesy

Living in New Zealand has provided an opportunity to live in a different culture . It is a multicultural community and people from all around the world reside here. But a true Kiwi stands out like a moon between the stars.
Whenever u pass a Kiwi on a footpath , they will always greet u or at least flash a smile and a nod.

If they are walking in front of you on the footpath they will immediately move to the side to give way.
By the way ,they carry a plastic bag to clear away dog poop while walking their dog.

If they meet you at an entrance ,they will always allow you to enter first. If they have entered first they will hold the door open for you.

If you are with young children ,a kiwi will stop the car and let you cross.

If you are moving your parked car into the traffic, a kiwi will stop his car to give you way.

A kiwi will wait for you to get your child out of the carseat and only then will he park his car in the adjacent parking space.

The majority of the Kiwis have lovely manners and sometimes it just makes your day.

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