Thursday, 4 October 2012

Carseats for children

I have never driven a car in My country ,firstly as there is no lane discipline and secondly but more importantly ,car seats for children are not mandatory. So who will hold my 2 year old at the back of the car when I drive?

Being in Newzealand ,my daughter is always in her carseat and I drive everywhere ,even long distance ,just the two of us. The children get very well adjusted to the carseat after the initial hiccup .
I am always at peace while driving knowing that my daughter is secure behind.
The government now wants to increase the age limit ,making it mandatory for children upto the age of 7 to be in booster seats. They believe that until a child is 148 cm tall, he is not secure with an adult seat belt.

Many of us drive cars in India ,however Why is the government not bringing the carseat rule in ? All developed countries follow this rule . It would take care of so many precious and young lives.

In New Zealand we have 'Plunket' , which is the largest provider of free support services for the development of children under five in NZ. This organisation has a rental scheme for carseats. People can rent out a carseat for a fixed term at a fee and return it when the child no longer needs it. This scheme encourages people who are not able to buy a carseat outright ,to use one.
Enforcing a rule is very easy, but the government has taken steps to make it easier for the common man to abide by this rule .
Any community rule cannot be successful without the Government's help. This is an important lesson and must be learnt by all the developing nations.


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