Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sabudana vada to satiate hunger pangs

Fasting on specific days is a way of devotion in Hinduism.

Fasting means eating only certain foods and excluding others.We eat only sattvic ( pure ) food on these days. Sattvic foods are those foods which keep the body temperature and pressure under control and a stable body is then fit to fix the mind on God.
Many people partake fruits and milk while fasting. We are also allowed to eat sago seeds otherwise known as tapioca pearls and we call it sabudana in our local language.

We need to first soak these seeds in water.My mom's techniques is to soak them in just enough water to immerse the seeds. In about an hour all the water will be soaked up and u will get well soaked but well  separated seeds.

I have soaked about 1 cup of seeds .My  cup measures about 200 ml water.
Sago seeds - 1 cup
Potato ( boiled ) - 1
Cumin seeds ( jeera) - 2 tsps
Garlic- 2 inch
Green chilli - 2
Make a paste of green chillies, and ginger.
Now mix together sago seeds, potato and the ginger- chilli paste.also add the cumin seeds and salt to taste. Make round flat balls of this mixture.
Heat oil .Fry these balls on a medium heat .
Serve them with green Green chutney. Sabudana keeps u full and one doesn't think of food the rest of the day while fasting. And they taste yum.
I would love to hear about other kind of foods eaten during fasting .
Do share your ideas. Happy fasting with happy thoughts

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