Saturday, 22 September 2012

Mumbai's unique language

I live literally on the other side of the world. There is not much opportunity to meet Indians here. However the other day I met a friend's friend and the moment she opened her mouth I had a big smile on my face.
    Her opening words were " Hi kaisi hai yaar" Now only a mumbaikar can be that informal. I immediately replied "Jhakaas" and her face lit up we both said at the same time " mumbaikar"? 
    That's the beauty of our lingo we are so unique we are recognised anywhere as mumbaikars.
     We always address our friends as tu, tereko,bhidu, dost......I know the north indians are appalled at disrespect for they always use aap even for close relations. 
     We have invented a new kind of hindi which people from other parts of India donot understand.When I was living in Calcutta for a short time , I asked the roadside vendor "Ek kilo kanda dena bhai " and he stared at me as if  I was asking for some exotic fruit .After hard thinking did I realise that kanda is actually a marathi word for onion and not a hindi word at all .
     I am sure thereis none other in the world who can say " chall pakka mat " on someone's face meaning don't fib or don't bore me. 
     And if something is not quite all right we will say   " Lafda hogaya yaar ,aaj pandu ne pakadliya " pandu here meaning the traffic cop.
     Who else will understand when we ask for " cutting  chai" that we mean half a cup of tea.
     If someone is irritating us , we promptly say "dimaag ki dahi mat kar" meaning dont eat my head .
No mumbaikar will feel insulted if we use these words ,infact we have a feeling of kinship with this person who speaks our ishtyle .
    We are always on the go, vada pav in hand, cutting chai for a drink and always ready to make friends .Barabar bola na bhidu !!

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